Rental Facts

Rental Guarantee

Your rental vehicle is reserved and assigned at the time your reservation is made. 314Vans does not overbook vehicles.

We maintain our vehicles better than manufacturer recommendations 


Your Rental Vehicle is Highly Specialized

Your rental vehicle has many features which are not available in normal vehicles.

   •  High Seating Capacity
   •  High Top Ceiling
   •  Maximum Space and Comfort, Large storage area
   •  WIFI Hotspot, UBC Power Ports

Your specialized rental vehicle cannot be replaced or substituted. In the unlikely event that the rental vehicle has a mechanical issue during or immediately before your rent we do not guarantee a replacement and do not cover the cost of replacement rentals. We will reimburse the rental charges to you for the time that the rental vehicle is inoperable. 

Travel to remote places far from service centers will make servicing the vehicle more challenging and time consuming in the event that the vehicle has a mechanical issue. 


Quotes & Pricing

The rental quote is for a specific trip. “Trip” is defined by a destination, mileage and travel dates. Quotes exclude applicable sales taxes.

Driving the rental vehicle outside the agreed trip may incur additional days and mileage fees.

If the Trip mileage exceeds 250 miles/day, renter will be charged additional miles upon return at $2 per mile.

Communication is important if your plans have changed. If your plans change, let us know and we will make adjustments to your rental agreement as needed. Changes are great, but please let us know.

Additional days,  if authorized, will be charged at $400/day


Payment & Deposit

An advanced payment of $500 is required to make a reservation. This payment is nonrefundable, if cancelled in less then 30 days of vehicle pick up.

Full payment is due at the time of pick up less the advance.

A security deposit of $500 will be held in addition to the rental charges.


Vehicle condition

We expect the vehicle to be returned in the same condition as when it was rented, including cleanliness, smell, and vehicle condition.

An excessively dirty vehicle will result in a $75-$150 charge to the renter. If you prefer to clean the vehicle, a complete cleaning can take up to two hours, including but not limited to,

   -  Vacuuming and wiping seats
   -  Vacuuming and wiping floors
   -  Wiping the dash
   -  Removing all debris from seats, between seats, next to windows and floors
-  Cleaning windows inside and out
   -  Cleaning exterior of van
   -  Wiping wheels

Strictly no smoking or use of oils or sprays what will leave any kind of smell in the van. Smoking in the van will results in a $500 charge. Removal of other smells and cleaning of excessive messes will results in a $250 charge


Documenting Vehicle Condition

Pictures of the vehicle will be taken before and after the rental period. It is the renter’s responsibility to take the photos at the time the vehicle is returned. The photos should capture all sides of the exterior of the vehicle and clearly show the condition of the vehicle. The pictures may be used to help show that the vehicle was returned in the same condition as the condition it was in when picked up.



Renter will be expected to provide proof of current drivers license and insurance. Drivers Insurance is primary coverage for any damages during rental period.